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Business Owners

Business owners greatest need is to GROW their business. There are numerous ways to grow your business and solve any challenges. At Destiny Deployment, we offer a range of services and training to support business owners. 

Business Owners Network: Peer Advisory Groups-

Business owners need to be able to discuss sensitive topics, and offer constructive criticism.

Business Owners must have relationships with other business owners. At Destiny Deployment, we have created an environment where business owners can get together to learn, network, advise, and support each other. This can include business client referral programs, business partnership programs, and even group prayer and prophetic insight.

Owner/CEO Advisory Groups provide a safe place to share your concerns, struggles, challenges, and successes in an environment where other owners and CEOs can provide guidance and vice-versa. These groups are designed to be small circles of trust with no more than 15 in a group for optimal sharing and impact.

How you can best benefit from a Business Owner advisory group

  • I want a place to air my issues and get solid feedback
  • I want to be able to have a sounding board of other successful business leaders
  • I want a virtual board of advisors
  • I want to be able to share my insights with other business leaders
  • I want to be part of a dynamic group that grows and shares success together
  • I want to build my confidence that I am doing business right
  • I am new to running a business and want to be around successful leaders
  • I am ready to grow to the next level and know I need others to do so


Mentorship, Investment, and Partnership Opportunities

  • As a member of a Business Owners Network peer advisory group, you may be selected to advise startup entrepreneurs and potentially invest in new business opportunities. 
  • If your business provides products and services that Destiny Deployment or other business owners want, you will be connected to potential customers.
  • Through the relationships you build in the network, you will likely find other companies that you can partner with.

M&A Brokerage

Destiny Deployment works with its network of business owners to help find acquirers or to be an acquirer. M&A can provide significant growth, or an exit opportunity.

Destiny Deployment leverages its network of vetted and qualified brokers to help you find the best M&A opportunities.

Destiny Deployment assists clients with successful IPO.

Destiny Staffing

At Destiny Deployment, we help people find their purpose and passion, which can then lead to employees perfectly matched to your business and culture. We find the right match based on their purpose, passion, personality, cultural norms, and behavior to avoid hiring mistakes.

Our goal is to help grow your business with the right long-term employees.


Contact us for: Management staffing needs or  Specialist staffing needs


Training for Business Owners:

  • Find your Purpose and Vision
  • System for Success training
  • Leadership training

How We Can Help

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