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Welcome Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs go through challenges in life because they don't quite "fit the mold".

At Destiny Deployment, we have built numerous businesses from scratch and have designed a streamlined process to quickly move from concept to funding, and then to multi-million dollar business.

We have an idea lab, market research lab, business plan writing and financial modeling service, and everything you need to get ready for your investor pitch. Then we help you get funding with our network of investors and strategic partners.

Along the way, you also need to build your team, refine your business model, and learn the critical factors that will lead to success. At Destiny Deployment, we provide the training and experience you need to achieve success with minimal pain. There will still be pain, but we can help you navigate through the issues that arise.

Have you wanted to start a business? There are several ways to get started, including:

  • Buying a business
  • Buying a franchise
  • Starting a Destiny Deployment Center
  • Starting from scratch [link to Startup Accelerator page]

Buy a Business

The easiest way of the above is to buy a business. If you have the funds, you can buy a business in short order. If you need funding help, there are numerous loans and investor options available for the right business. Destiny Deployment can help you figure out how to proceed, including connecting you with one of our approved business brokers.

Buy a Franchise

If you prefer the "proven business model" approach, then you can buy a franchise or start a Destiny Deployment Center, which are essentially "businesses in a box". You will have the tools and processes you need to be successful.

Start a Destiny Deployment Center near you 

Destiny Deployment Centers are physical locations that are designed to help people find their purpose and fulfill their destiny. They provide:

  • Destiny Code® facilitation, training, and support
  • Entrepreneurial support and training
  • Career support, training, and connections to jobs
  • Life and business coaching
  • Business Owner Network™ programs
  • 7,000 Millionaire Club™ benefits and programs

Start from Scratch

Finally, if you want the full entrepreneurial experience of developing a concept into a business, then you're in for a ride. Not always fun, but always in your control. Destiny Deployment can help you smooth out the rough spots and provide guidance when you see obstacles ahead. With our Destiny Business Accelerator, we help you turn your purpose, passion, and Destiny into a thriving business with a defined process developed over decades of building businesses. Find out more about the Destiny Business Accelerator

How We Can Help

Where are you stuck?


Entrepreneur Boot Camp [Goes under Training]

5 Days. 50 Leaders. Unlimited Insights.

The Entrepreneur Boot Camp is designed to give the foundational skills necessary to create business success. These are insights gained from top business schools and books, numerous company startups, and from experience running multi-million dollar businesses.

This is not a course. It’s an experience.

Entrepreneur Boot Camp Includes:

  • Create a compelling Vision that helps you attract the best people
  • Craft your Core Values – the non-negotiable of your business
  • How to hire the right people that will give you a competitive edge
  • How to manage so that others want to follow
  • How to create a culture of accountability and build the confidence to demand the best (in a positive way)
  • Optimize your business model to maximize profits and impact
  • How to launch a new product and get paid to create it
  • How to turn your business into a cash-generating machine
  • How to help your customers, and make millions
  • And much more




Three payment options:

  • One Payment of $1,997
  • Two payments of $1,097 each ($2,194 total)
  • Four payments of $597 each ($2,388 total)

How We Can Help

Where are you stuck?