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Destiny Business Accelerator Program and Benefits

Destiny Deployment provides training and support for entrepreneurs (use visual for the process):

  • Evaluate your business concept to make sure it is viable
  • Perform market research to find who is ready to buy what you want to sell
  • Write your business plan
  • Setup the legal structure of your business
  • Write your marketing plan
  • Build your management team
  • Help you raise capital and find strategic partners to help you launch
  • Support you with business coaching and advising
  • Provide marketing and sales support to get you launched and stable
  • 7000 Millionaire club membership & benefits

Discover Your True Calling

We recommend you start with our free Entrepreneur Assessment tool to make sure that you are on the right path. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Most people would prefer a consistent paycheck and fairly easy job to the rigor and stress of building a business. But the payoffs can be outstanding.

Once you've determined where you fit, discover more about yourself with our free Destiny Code assessment tool, where you will discover why you were put on Earth, and how that can be connected to your desire to build a business.

Entrepreneur Boot Camp